Physical Education Teaching Area (Kinesiology) (6-12 or K-12)

Requirements: 49 credits, including 6 credits in education methods
BIOL2010. Human Anatomy and Physiology I (3); and
BIOL2010L. Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory (1)
BIOL2030. Human Anatomy and Physiology II (3); and
BIOL2030L. Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory (1)
KINE1310. Introduction to Recreation and Kinesiology (3)
KINE2410. Introduction to Athletic Training and Physical Therapy with Laboratory (3)
KINE2430. Health Issues in Today's Society (3)
KINE2640. Kinesiology Majors Activity Laboratory (1) 4 required
KINE2730. Nutrition Across the Lifespan (2)
KINE2960. Field Experience in Kinesiology (1)
KINE3350. Teaching School Health (2)
KINE3360. Teaching Physical Education in the Secondary Schools (2)
KINE3380. Teaching Physical Education in the K-8 Schools (2)
KINE3560. Psychology and Techniques of Coaching (3)
KINE3600. Motor Development and Motor Learning (2)
KINE3630. Corrective and Adaptive Physical Education (2)
KINE3640. Physiology of Exercise (3)
KINE3650. Biomechanics (3)
KINE4520. Tests and Measurements in Physical Education (3)
KINE4560. Administration of HPERD (3)

Other requirements:
Current First Aid/CPR certification (American Red Cross preferred)
Completion of Lifeguard or Water Safety Instruction (WSI) certification
Successful completion of the Kinesiology Department Fitness Component Tests