English Second Teaching Field (6-12)

Requirements: 26 credits of which 9 shall be numbered above 2999, including 6 credits in secondary methods

ENGL2120. English Grammar and Usage (2)
ENGL3010. Teaching English in Secondary Schools (3)
ENGL3090. Pedagogy of Writing in 6-12 Schools (3)
ENGL3750. Children's and Young Adult Literature (3)
ENGL3910. Literary Theory and Criticism (3)

One course selected from:
ENGL3015. Topics in Writing (3)
ENGL3020W. Principles of Writing (3)

One course selected from:
ENGL2210. American Literature: Colonial Period to the Civil War (3)
ENGL2220. American Literature: Civil War to the Present (3)
ENGL3250. The American Novel (3)

One course selected from:
ENGL2310. British Literature: Beowulf through the Age of Reason (3)
ENGL2320. British Literature: The Romantic Age to the Present (3)
ENGL3320. Shakespeare (3)

One course selected from:
ENGL2420. World Literature: The Ancient World to the Renaissance (3)
ENGL2430. World Literature: The Enlightenment to the Modern Era (3)
ENGL3410. Greek and Roman Classics (3)
ENGL4270. Minority Voices in American Literature (3)