Secondary Education (K-12, 6-12)

Objective: To prepare students to teach content courses in grades 6-12 (K-12 for visual arts, physical education, and music) and meet the requirements for Idaho certification

Administrators: Content area department chairs; chair, undergraduate Education Department

Requirements: 30-36 credits in professional education, and requirements for one teaching area or two teaching fields (see specific content areas/fields below for courses and credits)

Professional Education Courses:
Professional education core (36 credits) including:
*EDUC1100. Introduction to Education (1)
 PSYC2110. Educational Psychology (3)
 EDUC2250. Cultural Diversity in Education (2)
 EDUC2550. Innovative Instruction (3) [Exempt: Music Teaching Area majors] 
*EDUC2960. Introduction to Instructional Design (1)
 EDUC3150. Education of Exceptional Children (3) [Kinesiology Education majors may substitute KINE3630]
*EDUC3410. English Language Learners and Content Literacy in Secondary Classrooms (3)
*EDUC3510. Teaching Methods in Secondary Classrooms (3) [Exempt: Music Teaching Area majors]
*EDUC3750. Classroom Management in Secondary Schools (2)
*Special methods courses in first and second teaching fields or teaching area
*EDUC3920. Foundations of Education (2)
*EDUC4850. Secondary School Start-Up (1)
*EDUC4860. Student Teaching in the Middle School/Junior High School (11); or
*EDUC4870. Student Teaching in the Senior High School (11)
*EDUC4950. Seminar/Capstone (1) 

* Courses must be taken at Northwest Nazarene University.

Program Certification Requirements:

  1. Complete all requirements for a baccalaureate degree.
  2. Complete a subject teaching area of at least 45 semester credit hours as recommended by the subject department and approved by the Department of Education, or complete a first teaching field of at least 30 semester credit hours and a second teaching field of at least 20 semester credit hours as recommended by the subject departments and approved by the Department of Education. These areas and fields include:
    • Teaching areas: biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, music, physical education, visual art.
    • First teaching fields: biology, chemistry, English, history, mathematics, physical education, Spanish, visual art.
    • Second teaching field: American government/political science, biology, chemistry, communication, English, health, history, mathematics, music, physical education, physics, psychology, Spanish, visual art
  3. Complete requirements of the Educator Preparation Program in effect at the time of admission to Educator Preparation as well as any additional requirements if required by changes in the standards of state regulatory agencies.
  4. Complete all required education courses in the secondary program with a grade of B- (2.7) or better.
  5. Complete all required content courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better.
  6. Maintain a 3.0 or better cumulative GPA.
  7. Pass the Praxis content test(s) in teaching area or fields.
  8. Receive a favorable vote of the Educator Preparation Council for recommendation for certification.

Completing an Idaho-approved Educator Preparation Program will enable a candidate to be recommended for certification in other states. Deviations from the teaching major or certification requirements must be authorized by the department chair.

Teaching Endorsements

  • American Government/Political Science Second Teaching Field
  • Biology Teaching Area
  • Biology First Teaching Field
  • Biology Second Teaching Field
  • Chemistry Teaching Area
  • Chemistry First Teaching Field
  • Chemistry Second Teaching Field
  • Communication Second Teaching Field
  • Computer Science Second Teaching Field
  • English Teaching Area
  • English First Teaching Field
  • English Second Teaching Field
  • Health Second Teaching Field
  • History First Teaching Field
  • History Second Teaching Field
  • Mathematics Teaching Area
  • Mathematics First Teaching Field
  • Mathematics Second Teaching Field
  • Music Teaching Area
  • Music Second Teaching Field
  • Physical Education Teaching Area
  • Physical Education First Teaching Field
  • Physical Education Second Teaching Field
  • Physics Second Teaching Field
  • Psychology Second Teaching Field
  • Visual Arts Teaching Area
  • Visual Arts First Teaching Field
  • Visual Arts Second Teaching Field
  • World Language, Spanish First Teaching Field
  • World Language, Spanish Second Teaching Field