Bachelor of Science, Communication

This major provides an understanding of communication processes with an emphasis on how communication affects relationships across societal contexts. Students gain an understanding of the processes of human communication which shape relationships, groups, and organizations, that persuade and entertain individuals, and that influence public opinion, media use, attitude, and behavioral change. There is a strong focus on research and theory. Students can use their training to assume leadership positions in non-profit, government, and industry sectors, as well as specialize in research, and prepare for law school, graduate work, or professions with a strong research emphasis.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Requirements: 50 credits

COMM1010. Introduction to Communication (3)
COMM2010. Small Group Communication (3)
COMM2020. Media Systems and Literacy (3)
COMM2030. Interpersonal Communication (3)
PSYC2215. Research Design (3)
PSYC2245L. Statistical Analysis Lab (1)
CLTA2040. Ethnography: Exploring Cultural Scenes (3)
COMM3020. Organizational Communication (3)
COMM3050. Nonverbal Communication (3)
COMM3420. Persuasion (3)
PSYC 3640. Experimental Design and Statistics (3)
COMM4094. Topics in Communication (3)
COMM4200. Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM4440. Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (3)
COMM4610. Communication Research and Theory (3)
COMM4630. Communication Ethics (3)
COMM4950. Internship in Communication Studies (2)
COMM4970. Senior Capstone Project (1-2) (2 required)

Successful completion of Senior Defense