Bachelor of Arts, Public Relations

A course of study that prepares students for careers in diverse fields relating to public relations. Emphasis is placed on building relationships between organizations and their audiences through media, media relations, critical thinking, writing, and speaking, understanding of the processes and roles of persuasion and rhetoric and of the critical nature of research.  Students encounter both the theory and practice of public relations through rigorous classroom and group work, case studies, and internships.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Requirements: 50 credits
BSNS3510.    Principles of Marketing (3)
COMM1010.   Introduction to Communication (3)
COMM2010.   Small Group Communication (3)
COMM2020.   Media Systems and Literacy (3)
COMM2250.   Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)
COMM2420.   Introduction to Public Relations (3)
COMM3020.   Organizational Communication (3)
COMM3050.   Nonverbal Communication (3)
COMM3094.    Topics in Communication (3)
COMM3210.   Advanced Public Speaking (3)
COMM3280.   Communication Law and Ethics (3)
COMM3420.   Persuasion (3)
COMM3600.   Broadcast Communication (3)
COMM4420.   Advanced Public Relations (3)
COMM4610.   Communication Research and Theory (3)
COMM4950.   Internship in Communication Studies (3)
COMM4970.   Senior Research Project (1)
COMM4980.   Seminar in Communication Studies (1)

Successful completion of Senior Defense