Bachelor of Arts, Mass Communications

A major in Mass Communication (Film School) will provide an understanding of the systems, theories, and practices of mass communication and their impact on contemporary society. It will also provide specific skills in film, television, and media production. Students can use their education and training for entry-level employment in the film and television industry, for work in the church or on the mission field, for independent production, or for pursuing graduate study in communication and other fields.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Requirements: 50 credits
COMM1010. Introduction to Communication (3)
COMM1260. Cinema Production I (1)
COMM2020. Media Systems and Literacy (3)
COMM2050. History of Film and Television (3)
COMM2120. Communication Activities (1) or
    COMM3120. Advanced Communication Activities (1)
COMM2250. Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)
COMM2260. Cinema Production II (3)
COMM2280. Audio For Film and Television (3)
COMM3010. Producing Film and Television (3)
COMM3030. Film Theory and Criticism (3)
COMM3050. Nonverbal Communication (3)
COMM3250. Advanced Screenwriting (3)
COMM3260. Cinema Production III (3)
COMM3280. Communication Law and Ethics (3)
COMM3290. Cinema Production IV (3)
COMM4250. Cinematography (3)
COMM4260. Cinema Directing (3)
COMM4970. Senior Research Project (1) (2 required)
COMM4980. Senior Seminar (1)

Successful completion of Senior Defense