Bachelor of Arts, Communication

This major provides an understanding of the broad field of communication with exposure to all major areas of communication studies. The major provides flexibility in course selection to allow students to design an education that will prepare them for a broad range of careers that require communication skills of varying types. They will have the opportunity to learn about the processes of human communication which shape relationships, groups, and organizations, those focused on ways to persuade and entertain individuals, those related to working in the film industry, and those geared toward public relations and broadcasting.  

Administrator: Chair, Department of Communication Studies

Requirements: 49 credits

COMM1010. Introduction to Communication (3)
COMM2020. Media Systems and Literacy (3)
COMM2030. Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMM3020. Organizational Communication (3)
COMM3050. Nonverbal Communication (3)
COMM4200. Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM4440. Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (3)
COMM4630. Communication Ethics (3)
COMM4970. Senior Capstone Project (1-2)

An additional 24 credits in communication with at least 12 credits being numbered above 2999.

Successful completion of Senior Defense