Minor, Chemistry

Objective: The chemistry minor is a combination of the core courses found in the area of chemistry. It will provide the student with a broad and basic understanding of the field along with skills for laboratory work in chemistry.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Chemistry

Requirements: 24 credits. Every student must complete the following courses along with one of the options listed below:
CHEM2210. General Chemistry I (3); and,
CHEM2210L. General Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
CHEM2220. General Chemistry II (3) and,
CHEM2220L. General Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
CHEM2610. Analytical Chemistry (3) and,
CHEM2610L. Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (1)
CHEM3210. Organic Chemistry I (3) and,
CHEM3210L. Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
CHEM3220. Organic Chemistry II (3); and,
CHEM3220L. Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
CHEM3620. Integrated Laboratory I (1) or,
    CHEM4610. Integrated Laboratory II (1)

Choose one course from the following:
CHEM3310. Inorganic Chemistry (3)
CHEM3510. Thermodynamics and Kinetics (3)
CHEM4710. Structure Elucidation (3)
CHEM4720. Advanced Organic Chemistry (3)