Bachelor of Science, Management

Objective: To provide professional training for students who plan to enter management careers and to provide the necessary background for the student who plans to pursue graduate work in the field.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Business and Economics

Requirements: 54 credits; completion of the prescribed courses

Core Courses (34 credits):
ACCT2060. Financial Accounting (3)
BSNS1110. Introduction to Business (1)
BSNS2330. Business Statistics (3) or 
     MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)
BSNS3030. Management Information Systems (3)
BSNS3410. Business Law I (3)
BSNS3510. Principles of Marketing (3)
BSNS3640. Principles of Management (3)
BSNS3710. Principles of Finance (3)
BSNS3810. Business Ethics (3)
BSNS4600. Global Business Strategies (3)
BSNS4980. Senior Seminar In Business Capstone (3)
ECON2010. Principles of Economics(3)

Major Courses (Select 15 credits):
ACCT2070. Managerial Accounting (3)
BSNS3420. Business Law II (3)
BSNS3650. Human Resource Management (3)
BSNS4610. Entrepreneurship (3)
BSNS4670. Organizational Behavior (3)
BSNS4690. Global Operations Management (3)
ECON3150. Managerial Economics (3)

Elective Courses (Select minimum 5 credits):
ACCT/BSNS/ECON courses offered by the Department of Business & Economics (excludes BSNS2950 and BSNS3950)
PSYC2559. Psychology of Motivation and Leadership (3)
COMM3020. Organizational Communication (3)

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management: Complete two semesters of an intermediate foreign language. (62 credits)