Department of Business 

Faculty: David Chaplin, Peter Crabb, Samuel Dunn, Joshua Jensen, Brenda Johnson, Jeffrey Lineman, William Russell (Dean), Fred Sutton, Mollie Sweet, Konya Weber (Department Chair)   

The mission of the business department at Northwest Nazarene University is to educate students and develop them into ethical servant leaders who can transform a global society for the Kingdom of Christ. We accomplish this goal by providing a strong, scholarly business curriculum rooted in the liberal arts tradition, which is delivered through traditional and innovative programs. To this end, the program is designed with the following values:

  1. Students will receive the instruction necessary to pursue Truth and increase their knowledge across a range of contemporary business subjects including accounting, economics, finance, management, information technology, operations, international business environment, law, ethics, marketing, and communication.
  2. Students will engage in activities that foster Transformation and facilitate the development of relevant skills in the contemporary business environment. These skills will include teamwork, qualitative and quantitative analysis, written and oral communication, use of technology, and decision making.
  3. Students will be involved in activities within the Community as modeled by Jesus Christ through Service to others by applying concepts from business ethics, social responsibility, workplace respect, and biblical principles.

Admission to the College of Business

Majors in the College of Business are required to complete a minimum of 30 prescribed upper-division credits (ACCT/ECON/BSNS) at Northwest Nazarene University. Exceptions must be approved by the department chair.

Admission to Advanced Standing

Majors in the Department of Business and Economics are required to participate in an application and monitoring process that continues throughout their college program. Application to Advanced Standing may be made after the student has successfully completed or is in the progress of completing two ACCT/BSNS/ECON courses or with the approval of the department chair. This application typically occurs during the second semester of the first year.

To qualify for entrance into upper-division courses that are applicable for completion of degrees within the Department of Business and Economics, students must have Advanced Standing. To earn Advanced Standing, the following requirements must be met:

  1. A student must be officially admitted to Northwest Nazarene University and declare a major or majors in Accounting, Business Administration, Financial Economics, Global Business, Management, or Marketing.
  2. A student must have completed or be progressing in business, economics, or accounting classes offered through the College of Business at the time of the interview or receive approval from the department chair.
  3. A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or receive approval from the department chair.
  4. A student must adhere to the College of Business department standards and university values.
  5. A student must complete the application for Advanced Standing.
  6. A student must interview with a faculty panel and receive a positive recommendation and be accepted by vote of the business faculty.

Advanced Standing will be withdrawn if a student fails to enroll at NNU for a period of three consecutive semesters, does not maintain a 2.5 GPA, or does not uphold the College of Business department standards. A student must reapply for Advanced Standing upon re-admittance to NNU.

Business Majors and Minors

The College of Business offers six majors within the department:

  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science, Financial Economics
  • Bachelor of Science, Global Business
  • Bachelor of Science, Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Marketing
(To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in any of the above majors, a student must complete an additional two semesters of an intermediate foreign language).

The College of Business offers the following minors within the department:
  • Minor, Accounting
  • Minor, Business Administration
  • Minor, Financial Economics
  • Minor, Global Business
  • Minor, Management
  • Minor, Marketing
Students may complete a maximum of two majors within the College of Business.