Bachelor of Arts, Biology

Objective: Designed for the student who has goals other than graduate school or teaching.

Administrator: Chair, Department of Biology

Requirements: 50-54 credits in science and mathematics including a minimum of 39 credits in biology with the following core required, and selected elective courses.

BIOL2220. General Biology I (3); and,
​BIOL2220L. General Biology I Laboratory (1)
BIOL2230. General Biology II (3); and,
BIOL2230L. General Biology II Laboratory (1)
BIOL2240. Plant and Animal Ecology (3)
BIOL3720. Genetics (3); and,
BIOL3720L. Genetics Laboratory (1)
BIOL3740. Origins (3)
BIOL3960. Internship in Biology (1-4); or,
     BIOL3970. Research (1-3)
BIOL4980. Senior Seminar/Capstone (1)
CHEM1210. Principles of Organic and Biochemistry (3); and,
CHEM1210L. Principles of Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory (1)
CHEM2210. General Chemistry I (3); and,
CHEM2210L. General Chemistry I Laboratory (1)

Choose one of the following courses:
MATH1300. College Algebra (3)
MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)
MATH2510. Calculus I (4)

Choose an additional 19 credits of biology electives numbered 2000 and above.