Co-Major, Graphic Design

Requirements: 33 credits, completion of a major or second co-major from a different discipline

ARDE1020. 2D Design (3)
ARDE1040. Drawing I or,
     ARDE2010. 3D Design (3)
ARDE2350. Graphic Design 1: Introduction to Visual Communication (3)
ARDE2360. Graphic Design 2: Typography (3)
ARDE2430. Introduction to Computer Graphics (3)
ARDE3340. Design History: Industrial Revolution to Contemporary Design (3)
ARDE3360. Graphic Design 3: Advanced Practice (3)
ARDE3440. Introduction to Web Design (3)
ARDE3750. Art History 2 (3) or,
     ARDE3950. Modern and Contemporary Art History (3)
ARDE4360. Graphic Design 4: Portfolio Preparation (3)
One course (three credits) selected from:
     ARDE2280. Illustration 1: Visual Voice (3)
     ARDE2760. Photography 1 (3)
     ARDE3370. Advanced Typography (3)
     ARDE4440. Advanced Web Design (3)
     ARDE4540. Integrated Media Campaigns (3)
     ARDE4870. Senior Exhibition (3)