Bachelor of Arts, Digital Media

Administrator: Chair, Department of Art and Design
Requirements: 62-64 credits: Completion of the prescribed core courses (38 credits) plus the requirements for two areas of concentration (24-26 credits).

Core Courses: 38 credits
ARDE2350. Graphic Design 1: Introduction to Visual Communication (3)
ARDE2360. Graphic Design 2: Typography (3)
ARDE2430. Introduction to Computer Graphics (3)
ARDE2760. Photography 1 (3)
ARDE3430. Digital Photography (3)
ARDE3440. Introduction to Web Design (3)
ARDE4540. Integrated Media Campaigns (3)
     or ARDE4960. Internship (3)
BSNS1110. Introduction to Business (1)
BSNS2330. Business Statistics (3)
     or MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)
BSNS3510. Principles of Marketing (3)
COMM1260. Cinema Production (1)
COMM2020. Media Systems and Literacy (3)
COMM2030. Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMM2250. Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)

Choose Two Areas of Concentration: 24-26 credits

Audio Engineering Concentration: 12 credits
COMM2280. Audio for Film and Television (3)
MUSC1310. Digital Music and Technology (3)
MUSC2960. Field Experience in Audio Production (1) (3 required)
MUSC3650. Studio and Live Sound (3)

Graphic Design Concentration: 12 credits
ARDE3340. Design History: Industrial Revolution to Contemporary Design (3)
ARDE3360. Graphic Design 3: Advanced Practice (3)
ARDE3730. Advanced Typography (3)
ARDE4440. Advanced Web Design (3)

Writing Concentration: 12 credits
ENGL2050. Beginning Creative Writing (3)
ENGL3015. Topics in Writing (3)
ENGL3020W. Principles of Writing (3)
     or ENGL3120. Linguistics: Structure and History of English (3)
*ENGL3040W. Creative Writing - Prose (3)

* Take alternative approved writing class if choosing Storytelling as a concentration.

Marketing Concentration: 12 credits
BSNS3530. Marketing Communications (3)
BSNS3880. Digital and Social Media Marketing (3)
BSNS4560. Consumer Behavior Marketing Research (3)
COMM2420. Introduction to Public Relations (3)

Storytelling Concentration: 12 credits
COMM3030. Film Theory and Criticism (3)
COMM3050. Nonverbal Communication (3)
COMM3250. Advanced Screenwriting (3)
ENGL3040W. Creative Writing - Prose (3)

Video and Film Concentration: 12 credits
COMM2260. Cinema Production II (3)
COMM2280. Audio for Film and Television (3)
COMM3010. Producing Film and Television (3)
COMM3290. Cinema Production IV (3)

Web Development Concentration: 13-14 credits
COMP1220. Introduction to Computer Science (3)
COMP2040. Introduction to Web Development (3)
     or COMP2260. Event-Driven Programming (3);
          and, COMP2260L Event-Driven Programming Laboratory (1)
COMP2220. Computer Programming I (3)
     and, COMP2220L. Computer Programming I Laboratory (1)
COMP2750. Data Structures (3)