Department of Visual Arts

No matter where we look, we encounter objects that were crafted through the vision of artists and designers. NNU’s Art degree with an emphasis in design, art, or art education prepares students to be creative, insightful, and morally responsible makers of our visual world. Our courses are designed to train students in a wide range of technical skills, develop their ability to make aesthetic judgments, and foster an appreciation for the art forms in everyday life. Ultimately, students graduate with the practical tools and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed as practicing artists, designers, and educators or in further academic study.

Mike Bartlett (Department Chair), Amy Gilles, Paul Kinsman, Jamie Tucker, Arnie Ytreeide

Learning Objectives
Technical Skills
• Graduates of the department will be proficient in the technical tools and materials necessary in their chosen area of artistic endeavor. (University value: Truth)
• Graduates of the department will be fluent in historical and contemporary art concepts and terminology. (University value: Truth)
• Graduates of the department will exhibit proficiency in writing and speaking about artistic ideas. (University value: Truth)

Conceptual Skills
• Graduates of the department will effectively employ visual problem-solving skills. (University value: Truth)
• Graduates of the department will be able to think critically about art from a Christian worldview. (University values: Truth, Transformation)
• Graduates of the department will produce art that is culturally relevant and ultimately redemptive. (University values: Truth, Transformation)

Degrees Offered
The Bachelor of Arts degree in art is the professional undergraduate degree desired by serious students intent on pursuing careers or advanced degrees in the visual arts. The B.A. in art is designed to give students flexibility by letting them choose an area of emphasis after completing a series of core courses. Students choose the emphasis that is best suited to their academic interests and career goals.

Bachelor of Arts, Art
       Graphic Design Concentration
       Studio Art Concentration
Bachelor of Arts, Digital Media

Art Education (See Secondary Education: Art Teaching Area, Art First Teaching FieldArt Second Teaching Field)

Co-Major, Graphic Design
Co-Major, Studio Art

Graphic Design
Studio Art