Department of Biology

Faculty: Jennifer Chase, John Cossel, Jr., Jamee Nixon


  1. Graduates will be able to collect and analyze scientific data using a variety of modern methods, techniques and resources. Students will be able to integrate the information into professionally acceptable written and oral forms.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate academic and technical skills acquired as biology majors by their application in coursework, mentored research with formal oral and written presentation, and as life-long learners that are able to contribute inspired solutions to biologically relevant questions for both humanity and the living world at large.
  3. Graduates will gain an understanding of previous and current scientific advancement and, by moral obligation, use the knowledge to increase the quality of life for all people. Graduates will also use scientific knowledge to make choices that will create an ethic that maximizes stewardship of God's creation and the ecosystems in which we live.
  4. Graduates will form a coherent view of the world that integrates key articles of faith with core biological concepts. They will develop an appreciation and compassion for God's creation and a deeper sense of awe at God's role in structuring and sustaining life.


General Biology Emphasis
Ecology/Biodiversity Emphasis
Pre-Medical Emphasis
Biology Education


Minor, Biology