Administrative Services

President: Joel K. Pearsall
Office of University Mission and MinistryFred C. Fullerton, Executive Director
University Chaplains: Dustin and Olivia Metcalf
Vice President for Academic Affairs: S. Bradley Kurtz-Shaw
College of Arts and Sciences:  Daniel F. Nogales, Dean
College of Adult and Graduate Studies: Michael A. Pitts, Dean
Academic Services: Duane Slemmer, Dean
Center for Professional Development: Dave Covington, Director
The Doceo Center: Eric J. Kellerer, Director
College of Arts and Sciences: Daniel F. Nogales, Dean
School of Business and Economics
School of Theology and Christian Ministries
Bridge Academy
Summer School
Academic Departments
Art and Design: R. Paul Kinsman, Chair
Biology: John Cossel, Jr., Chair
Business and Economics: Konya Weber, Chair
Chemistry: Tim Anstine, Chair
Communication Studies: Arnold Ytreeide, Chair
Education: LoriAnn Sanchez, Chair
History and Political Science: Justin Clardie, Chair
Kinesiology: Scott Kinnaman, Chair
Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies: Darrin L. Grinder, Chair
Mathematics and Computer Science: Barry L. Myers, Chair
Military Science: SFC Jordan Etchells, Chair
Music: Philip Miller, Chair
Nursing: Leonie L. Sutherland, Chief Nurse Administrator
Physics and Engineering: Stephen Parke, Chair
Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice: Elizabeth List, Chair
Philosophy and Religion: Richard P. Thompson, Chair
Social Work: LeAnn Stensgaard, Chair
College of Adult and Graduate Studies: Michael Pitts, Dean
Undergraduate Programs
Business: Fred Sutton, Director
Associate of Arts in Accounting
Bachelor of Science in Accounting
Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Christian Ministry: Joseph Gorman, Director
Associate of Arts in Christian Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry
Course of Study: Richard Thompson, Interim Director
General Studies: Dennis Waller, Director
Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Applied Studies
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies
Education: LoriAnn Sanchez, Director
Associate of Arts in Elementary Education
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education
Associate of Arts in Secondary Education
Nursing: Michelle Hunt, Director
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduate Programs
Business: Joshua Jensen, Director
Master of Business Administration
Counseling: Curtis Garner, Chair
Master of Science, School Counseling Track: 
Master of Science, Marriage and Family Track: Lori Fairgrieve, Director
Master of Science, Clinical Mental Health Track: Rick Boyes, Director
Education: Heidi Curtis, Chair
Master of Education
Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation: Bethani Studebaker, Director
Educational Leadership: E. Michael Poe, Director
Education Specialist: E. Michael Poe, Director
Doctor of Education: Heidi Curtis, Director
Doctor of Philosophy: Heidi Curtis, Director
Master of Science in Nursing:
Family Nurse Practitioner: Bethany Mello, Director
Nursing Leadership and Education: Leonie Sutherland, Director
Social Work: Lawanna Lancaster, Chair
Master of Social Work
Theology and Christian Ministries: Brent Peterson, Dean of the School of Theology and Christian Ministries
Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry: Jay Akkerman, Director
Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Youth, Children, and Family: Mike Kipp, Director
Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Missional Leadership: Jay Akkerman, Director
Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation: Jay Akkerman, Director
Christian Ministry Online: Joseph Gorman, Director
Academic Services:  Duane Slemmer, Dean
Center for Academic Success and Advising: Heidi Tracht, Director
Center for Instructional Design and Technology: Bethany Haglund, Director
Library Services: Amy Rice, Director
Registrar: Stacey Berggren
Vice President for Finance and Operations: Steven D. Emerson
Controller: Macey Crow
Campus Store/Post Office: Gail Walker, Manager
Conferences and Events: Brian Kohagen, Director
Facilities: Edward Brathwaite, Director
Financial Aid: Ann Crabb, Director
Food Service: Andrew Chaplin, Director
Human Resources: Larissa Bunker, Director
Information Technology Services: Todd Baker, Director 
Vice President for Student Life: Carey W. Cook
Student Life
Campus Safety: John Norris, Director
Career Center: Amanda Marble, Director
Community Life: Grant Miller, Director
Counseling: Julie Barrass, Malinda Poe, Javin Mather
Residential Life: Karen Pearson, Director
Corlett Hall: Robert Poe
Culver Hall: Roman Lyon
Dooley Hall: Jennifer Miller
Ford Hall: Kylee Ball
Kirkeide Apartments: Jeb Anderson
Olsen Apartments: Jeb Anderson
Sutherland Hall: Tim Streight
Retention Officer: Amanda Marble
Health Services: Dr. Bryon Hemphill, Director

Athletic Director: Kelli Lindley
Associate Athletic Director: Alison Larson
Director of Facilities and Events: Nicholas Bland
Office Manager: Molly Kling
Sports Information Director: Craig Craker
Head Athletic Trainer: Ken Becker
Assistant Athletic Trainer: Jaime May
Faculty Athletic Representative: Pete Crabb
Baseball, Head Coach: Joe Schaefer
Baseball, Assistant Coaches: Matt Hollod, Billy Newbery, Sean Rooney
Basketball, Men's Head Coach: Paul Rush
Basketball, Men's Assistant Coaches: Jon Hawkins, Rodrick Rhodes, Levi Stuart
Basketball, Women's Head Coach: Steve Steele
Basketball, Women's Assistant Coaches: Elpidia Allen, Lidiya Brownfield, Kate Cryderman
Golf, Men's and Women's Head Coach: Craig Stensgaard
Golf, Men's and Women's Assistant Coaches: Chris Jensen, Scott Nicholes, Fred Sutton
Soccer, Men's Head Coach: Adam Pearce
Soccer, Men's Assistant Coach: Dane Manley, Julio Castillo
Soccer, Women's Head Coach: Mary Trigg
Soccer, Women's Assistant Coaches: Alicia Berggren, John Hawks
Softball, Head Coach: Rich Wagner
Softball, Assistant Coach: Tim Souza, Hallie Swanson
Track and Field/Cross Country, Men's and Women's Head Coach: Daniel Bowman
Track and Field Assistant Head Coach: Nick Collins
Cross Country Assistant Head Coach and Assistant Track Coach: Ben Gall
Track and Field Assistant Coach: Oscar Duncan, John Knight
Volleyball, Head Coach: Doug English
Volleyball, Assistant Coaches: 

Vice President for External Relations: Mark J. Wheeler
University Advancement
Associate Vice President for Advancement: TBD
NNU Foundation, Inc.: Mark J. Wheeler, Executive Director
Alumni Relations and University Fund: Darl Bruner, Director
Alumni Relations: Deb Cano, Associate Director
Estate and Gift Planning: Robert Depew
Corporate and Foundation Relations: Bryon Knight, Director
Legacy Gifts: Heather Bryant, Director
                      Amy Shingler, Associate Director
University Fund: Judi Jahn, Director
Switchboard: Sarah Downey
Associate Vice President for Enrollment: Shawn Blenker
Admissions: Graduate, Adult and Professional Programs
Director: Lynette Kingsmore
Admissions Counselors: Charlene Brown, Christy Gilliam, Lindsay Kuhl, Tyler Read

Admissions: Traditional Undergraduate
Recruitment and Outreach: Josh Hodges, Director
Transfer Outreach and International Student Admissions: Richard Vasquez, Assistant Director
Senior Admissions Counselor: 
Admissions Counselors: Roger Evenson, Nate Jansen, Christian Rohnert, Lexi Tubbs, Maggie Alcaraz, CoCo Borges
Admissions Counselor/Campus Visit Coordinator: Stephanie Gunstream
Marketing and Public Relations
Associate Vice President for Marketing and Relations: Mark B. Cork
Marketing and Creative Services: Kendra Lubiens, Director
Marketing Technologies: Zac Vineyard, Director
Account Services: Kendra Lubiens, Director
Media Relations and Account Manager, Graduate: Robert O'Donahue, Director
Account Manager, Undergraduate: Melissa Smith
Graphic Designer and Photographer: Korte Zickefoose
Copy Writer and Social Media Manager: Cali Carpenter