Mission Statement

As an expression of its commitment to historic Christianity from a Wesleyan perspective, the School of Theology and Christian Ministries educates and prepares women and men for lives of faith, ministry, and service in the world and in the Church. The mission of the program includes personal and spiritual formation.

The statement is expressed in the program outcomes:
  • Religious Heritage (RH): Students will understand and explain Wesleyan-Holiness theology as it relates to Scripture, Christian tradition, reason, and experience for the practice of ministry.
  • Cultural Context (CC): Students will identify the cultural context of ministry and assess it through appropriate theological perspectives by comparing existing cultures with alternative cultural expressions. Students will also develop personal and corporate practices consistent with the Kingdom of God.
  • Personal and Spiritual Formation (PSF): Students will practice the means of grace (spiritual disciplines) that lead to emotional and spiritual health, personal Christian virtue, and responsible social engagement.
  • Ministerial/Public Leadership (MPL): Students will integrate Christian theological themes with the understanding and practice of ministry and leadership.

Purpose Statement

Northwest Nazarene University's Graduate School of Theology exists to provide graduate theological education to pastors and church leaders who serve the Church of the Nazarene in the Northwest educational region, and the wider Christian and global community.