Master of Divinity in Youth, Children and Family Ministry

75 semester credits required.

PRTH6000. OnRamp Program Orientation (0)
PRTH6000L. Personal Development Lab (0)
BIBL6760. Old Testament Interpretation (3)
BIBL7330. Youth, Children, Families and Faith Throughout Scripture (4)
BIBL7760. New Testament Interpretation (3) 
BIBL8090. Advanced Biblical Exegesis (3) 
CHED6160. Congregational Education and Formation (3)
CHIS6560. History of Christianity I (3) 
CHIS6960. History of Christianity II (3) 
PHIL7330. Postmodern Culture and Families (4)
PHIL7560. Philosophical Foundations of Ministry (3)
PRTH6760. Spiritual and Personal Formation (3)
PRTH6960. Missiology and Contextualization (3) 
PRTH6990A. Supervised Ministry (2) 
PRTH6990B. Supervised Ministry (2)
PRTH7560. Pastoral Leadership (3) 
PRTH7960. Preaching and Worship (3) 
THEO7130. Theological Foundations of Christian Education (4) 
THEO7560. Christian Theology I (3) 
THEO7960. Christian Theology II (3)
YCFM6130. Foundations of Youth, Children and Family Ministry (4)
YCFM6230. Family Ministry in Practice (4)
YCFM6530. Leadership in Ministry (4)
YCFM6730. Missional Ministry (4)
YCFM7930. Developmental & Spiritual Formation of Youth, Children and Families (4)