Master of Divinity in Spiritual Formation

As a professional graduate degree in ministry, the Master of Divinity is an extensive program designed to prepare students for a wide variety of vocational ministry opportunities including pastoral ministries, associate ministries, missions, and chaplaincy. Students in the Master of Divinity in Spiritual Formation degree program tend to be particularly interested in their personal growth in Christ and in their ability to lead others toward personal spiritual growth in a Wesleyan theological context. As in our other programs, many students in this program serve in a ministry assignment during their studies. Master of Divinity in Spiritual Formation students complete the vast majority of their course work by participating with both Pastoral Ministry and Spiritual Formation learning communities. Students may begin their work with either learning community. After completing all work in one learning community, students enroll in the remaining learning community. In addition to their enrollment in both of the learning communities mentioned, students must also complete an advanced biblical exegesis course and a supervised ministry experience. The supervised ministry courses will normally be completed by the end of the first learning community, and the advanced biblical exegesis course will be taken during one of the final two summers in the program. The degree is offered in a fully online environment and is typically completed one course at a time over the span of four and a half years. To maximize contextualization, students in this program participate in ministry mentoring relationships in their own ministry settings. Ministry mentors receive a small stipend for the support offered.