Master of Arts in Missional Leadership

36 semester credits required.

PRTH6000. OnRamp Program Orientation (0)
PRTH6000L. Personal Development Lab (0)
BIBL6540. Gospel and Culture (4)
CHIS6540. Wesleyan Tradition in Context (4)
PHIL7540. Premodern, Modern and Postmodern Philosophies (4)
PRTH6140. Introduction to Ministry & Culture (4)
PRTH6840. Missional Discipleship (4) 
PRTH6990A. Supervised Ministry (2)
PRTH6990B. Supervised Ministry (2)
PRTH7540. Missional Practicum (4) 
PRTH7940. Community, Context and Transition (4)
THEO7940. Theology of Leadership (4)