Application Process

  1. Submission of an online application with a nonrefundable application fee.
  2. Submission of an official transcript from the undergraduate institution from which the applicant graduated. Official transcripts for graduate work should also be submitted if they relate to theological disciplines.
  3. Enlist references from:
    • Supervising ecclesiastical official (e.g., district superintendent, supervising pastor, elder board chair, etc.) and 
    • Someone who is willing to evaluate the applicant's previous academic performance (e.g., a college professor or administrator). In cases where an academic reference is not possible, applicants may submit a 450-550-word essay outlining the reason for their interest in theological studies, as well as how they might put their education into practice following graduation.
  4. The director of the Graduate School of Theology will notify the applicant of official acceptance into the program through NNU’s graduate admissions office. Forms for application and financial aid are available online at Financial aid cannot be awarded until prospective students are officially accepted in the program.