Admission Requirements

Prospective students must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited college, university, or equivalent, and have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.5, or 3.0 in the last 30 semester or 45 quarter credits.

Prospective students with academic deficiencies because of low GPA may be admitted to the program on a provisional basis. All deficiencies must be met during the first year of the program.

Ideally, prospective students should have some experience in ministry, either professionally or as volunteers. All students must be prepared to apply their coursework to their present ministry context and be accountable to ecclesiastical supervision.

During a student's program orientation, Northwest Nazarene University performs systematic national criminal and sex offender background checks on all students involved in ministry settings. In conducting systematic background checks on all students, NNU seeks to ensure there is full disclosure between our students, the university, the ministry setting and supervisor, as well as the professor teaching supervised ministry courses. We believe this is not only our duty but a way to ensure the health and longevity of pastors and leaders in our churches and ministry organizations by modeling truth-telling and accountability.

Student Authentication

NNU ensures the integrity of its online programs by authenticating all graduate students through a process that includes the following:

  1. References are required from an academic official or former professor and a verified ecclesiastical supervisor.
  2. A high quality digital copy of the prospect's government-issued photo identification.
  3. A criminal and sex offender background check is required during every student's orientation course.
  4. To ensure ongoing academic integrity and the development of an online digital repository of student writing, assignments are submitted to the university's TurnItIn system and stored in the learning management system if a review of student writing is ever deemed necessary.