Graduate School of Theology 

A professional graduate degree, the Master of Divinity includes an extensive program designed to prepare students for vocational ministry opportunities which includes a variety of pastoral ministries, cross-cultural ministries, and various forms of chaplaincy. Students complete 75 semester credits, including a 36-credit pastoral ministry core, a 32-credit specialization in either Missional Leadership, Spiritual Formation, or Youth, Children & Family Ministry, four credits of supervised ministry experience to be completed by the end of the first half of the degree, and a 3-credit advanced biblical exegesis course to be taken in one of the final two summers in the program. Master of Divinity students complete one seven- or eight-week course at a time over four and a half years. 

NNU also offers the Master of Arts degree, an additional professional graduate program. Students may complete either a 40-credit Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministries (MAPM), comprising twelve three-credit courses lasting seven weeks each, plus four credits of supervised ministry experience that can be completed during either of the student's two final semesters. The MAPM can be completed in two and a half years, with students taking most of the summer off. NNU also offers a Master of Arts in Leadership & Formation with specializations in either Missional Leadership; Spiritual Formation; or Youth, Children & Family Ministry. Students in these three specializations complete eight four-credit courses in four semesters, plus four credits of supervised ministry experience that can be completed during either of the student's two final semesters. No summer courses are required.

All of NNU's Master of Divinity and Master of Arts programs are fully online, with no residential requirements. Prospective students from a variety of undergraduate majors are welcome. To maximize contextualization, all of our students participate in a mentor relationship with someone in their own ministry setting. Ministry mentors receive a small stipend for the support offered.
NNU's Graduate School of Theology has the historic distinction of being the first institution with fully online programs ever to be granted full membership by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). The pastoral ministry core of the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry program are both recognized by the Church of the Nazarene's International Course of Study Advisory Committee (ICOSAC) as validated courses of study meeting the educational requirements of ordination in the denomination.

Faculty: Jay Akkerman (Director), Joseph Bankard, Rhonda Carrim, Joe Gorman, Mike Kipp, Diane Leclerc, Brent Peterson, Stephen Riley, Richard Thompson, Celia Wolff