Clinical Mental Health and Addictions

This concentration prepares students to provide psychotherapy and addictions services for individuals, families, and groups in rural and small-town settings.  Students learn applicable theories for working in a behavioral health setting and have multiple opportunities to practice the application of those theories.  Students also receive knowledge and skill development to develop professional relationships with diverse clients with alcohol, drug abuse, and/or behavioral addictions.  Specific content on trauma-focused practice and play therapy is included, in addition to content on macro practice in community mental health or addictions settings.  Field placement opportunities include community mental health agencies, inpatient mental health or addictions treatment settings, outpatient substance abuse treatment, or co-occurring mental health and addictions treatment.
Internship Expectations: Students in this track will complete 600 hours of practicum.  A student can choose to complete all 600 hours in one area of practice (mental health or addictions) or split hours between both mental health and addictions.  Ideal placements would provide students with experience in dual diagnosis treatment.  All 600 hours should be focused on micro and mezzo practice, though students may count some macro hours as needed by their particular placement site.