Master of Science in Nursing: Leadership and Education

 36 Semester Credits Required
The course of study includes advanced courses in nursing science and health assessment, development of leadership skills in a variety of areas including nursing research and evidence based practice, as well as teaching learning strategies, curriculum development, and evaluation processes. 
Prerequisites required before the starting the MSN degree:
  • Statistics  
  • University Writing/Research (or equivalent)
  • Intro to Psychology 
  • Intro to Sociology
Required nursing baccalaureate content for a MSN program:
  • NURS4100. Concepts of Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing. *
  • NURS4113. Introduction to Evidence-based Practice and Nursing Research. *
  • NURS4114. Nursing of Diverse Communities and Populations. ​​​
* See Adult & Professional Undergraduate Programs (APP) section for course descriptions
Required graduate courses:
NURS6062. Research for Graduate Nursing (3)
NURS6110L. Leadership Perspectives for Advancing the Profession of Nursing (3)
NURS6120. Population Health and Interprofessional Collaboration (3)
NURS6130. Healthcare Systems and Health Policy (3)
NURS6150. Advanced Pathophysiology (3)
NURS6160. Advanced Pharmacology (3)
NURS6170. Advanced Health Assessment (3)
NURS7020. Assessment/Evaluation Strategies (3)
NURS7042. Evidence-based Practice for Graduate Nursing (3)
NURS7051. Nursing Education and Leadership Internship (3)
NURS7060. Principles of Teaching and Curriculum Development (3)
NURS7070. Organization Leadership For Improving Health Outcomes (3)