Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner

48 Semester Credits Required

Prerequisites required before the start of the program for both BSN to MSN FNP and RN to MSN FNP

Additional prerequisites required for the RN to MSN FNP or equivalent:
NURS4100. Concepts of Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (4)
NURS4113. Introduction to Evidence-based Practice and Nursing Research (4) 
NURS4114. Nursing of Diverse Communities and Populations (4)

Required graduate courses:
NURS6110F. Leadership Perspectives for Advancing the Profession of Nursing (3)
NURS6120. Population Health and Interprofessional Collaboration (3)
NURS6130. Healthcare Systems and Health Policy (3)
NURS7080. Pharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing (4)
NURS7090. Pathophysiology for Advanced Practice Nursing (4)
NURS7100. Evidence Based Practice for Advanced Graduate Nursing (3)
NURS7110. Advanced Health Assessment for Advanced Practice Nursing (4)
Residential hours – 50 
NURS7120. Advanced Practice Theory (3)
NURS7130. Primary Care of the Family I (4)
Clinical hours - 100
Residential Hours – 0
NURS7140. Primary Care of the Family II (5)
Clinical hours - 150
Residential lab component -32 hours
NURS7150. Professional Practice Issues (2)
NURS7160. Primary Care of the Family III (6)
Clinical hours - 200
Residential lab component - 32 hours 
NURS7170. Primary Care of the Family IV (4)
Clinical hours - 150
Residential hours – 32