Undergraduate Enrollment

Final semester seniors who do not need to carry a full load to complete undergraduate degree requirements may complete a normal load by registering for graduate level courses subject to the approval of the director of the program of which the course is a part. Final semester verification is required. Credits earned may apply toward only one degree.

Generic Course Numbers

Graduate level courses may be approved for other departments of the University. Such courses are offered under the following titles and descriptions:

6592, 7592. Project 

An approved independent project designed and implemented by the student to demonstrate proficiency and understanding of a particular aspect of the department.

6594, 7594. Topics in Department 

Exploration of a current topic or practice in department. May be repeated for credit.

6595, 7595. Practicum 

An independent experience in which the student will identify, research, and evaluate an area of specific interest. May be repeated for credit. 

6597, 7597. Studies in Department

Examination of a specific issue or problem pertinent to this field. May be repeated for credit.