Education Specialist, Leadership and Organizational Development

Program Description

30-33 semester credits required. More credits may be required depending on program director's evaluation of the student's previous master's degree.

The Ed.S. Leadership and Organizational Development program is designed for those individuals who already possess a master's degree and are interested in leadership roles within higher education, community and organizational development, or business.  The program would be utilized by those candidates who desire to enter the NNU doctoral programs and have a desire to pursue coursework and a degree within leadership and organizational development.

Each candidate's study plan would be individualized to meet their needs and interests through a series of electives (9 credits) that result in a cognate from:  
  • Education
  • Business
  • Religion
General courses come from both the building administration and superintendent programs.  The electives may come from other Graduate Education department programs or from other NNU graduate programs. 

This online program utilizes a cohort model which allows students to plan their schedules ahead of time and allows them to continue working full-time in their position while completing the program. Students typically complete the program in less than 22 months depending on the chosen cognate.  This program includes a 150 hour internship supervised by an administrator within the organization or institution.  This internship must be approved by the chosen organization or institution as well as the NNU program director.  

Every Educational Leadership student will be registered for the approved accreditation and assessment software during EDUC8000 Orientation: Graduate Education. There is a fee associated with this course.

Required Courses for Ed.S. Leadership and Organizational Development (Online):

EDUC8000. Orientation: Graduate Education (0)
EDUC7556. Conceptual Statistics and Applications for Educators (3)
EDUC7575. Legal and Financial Issues in Education (3)
EDUC7584. Data Driven Decision-Making (3)
EDUC8671. Educational Change: A Historical Perspective (3)
EDUC8675. Public Relations and Marketing for Schools (3)
EDUC8679. Leadership and Organizational Development Seminar (1-3)*

*Must take 1-3 credits, for a total of 3 credits.

Educational Leadership - Elective (3) 

Elective Options in Educational Leadership (select a minimum of 3 credits):
    EDUC7555. Mixed Methods Research (3)
    EDUC8670. Labor Relations in Schools (3)
    EDUC8673. Advanced School Finance (3)
    EDUC8674. School Facilities (3)
    EDUC8676. Special Populations: Issues and Resources (3)

Cognate - Elective #1
Cognate - Elective #2
Cognate - Elective #3

Cognate Options in Education (select a minimum of 9 credits):
     EDUC7511. The Learning Process (3)
     EDUC7532. Instructional Models (3)
     EDUC7552. Instructional Coaching (3)
     EDUC7553. Curriculum, Assessment, and Collaboration (3)
     EDUC7554. Innovative Instruction (3)
     EDUC7571. Education in a Globalized and Multi-Cultural Society (3)
     EDUC7572. Innovative Instruction 2.0 (3)

Cognate Options in Business (select a minimum of 9 credits):
     BSNS6101. Organizational Dynamics (3)  
     BSNS6132. Managing in a Global Economy (3)
     BSNS6162. Ethics in Management (3)
     BSNS6172. Leadership Development (3)

Cognate Options in Religion (select a minimum of 9 credits):
    PHIL7290. Reflecting on Character: Philosophy and the Christian Life (4)
    PRTH6140. Introduction to Ministry and Culture (4)
    PRTH6180. Introduction to Spiritual Formation (4)
    PRTH6840. Missional Discipleship (4)

Admission Requirements - Ed.S. Leadership and Organizational Development

  1. A master's degree from a regionally accredited college or university. 
  2. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the master's program.
  3. Approval by the Graduate Education Admissions Committee.
The Graduate Education Admissions Committee may approve exceptions to regular admission requirements.

Application Requirements - Ed.S. Leadership and Organizational Development

The following requirements must be received by Admissions a minimum of one week before classes start, and are online, mailed or emailed as indicated. For mail: Northwest Nazarene University, Attention Graduate Admissions, 623 S. University Boulevard, Nampa, ID, 83686 For email:
  1. Online: application and $50 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Email or mail: official transcripts from the regionally accredited institution(s) where candidate received a master’s degree. (We do not accept faxed transcripts.)
  3. Online: two recommendation forms completed by professional colleagues.
  4. Email or mail: evidence of writing competency, preferably from a research paper or other document completed during master's courses.

Graduation Requirements - Ed.S. Leadership and Organizational Development

  1. Credits must be earned in courses numbered 6000 or above. Continuing education courses and pass/fail courses (except those specified for degree completion) do not apply toward the degree. Exceptions for substitutions from other institutions may be approved by the program director.
  2. The candidate must complete requirements as specified in the degree major. The degree must be completed within six years of beginning course work. If the degree is not completed within six years, the candidate must reapply to the program. Credits older than six years may need to be retaken.
  3. The candidate must apply for graduation one full semester prior to anticipated degree completion. Deadlines: June 1 for Fall; October 15 for Spring; and January 15 for Summer.