Adding an Endorsement

Teaching Endorsements for additional subject areas may be added to a Secondary Certificate, Standard Elementary Certificate or Exceptional Child Certificate.  Candidates will satisfy several requirements in order to obtain an additional subject area endorsement.

Candidates will:
  • Submit a copy of their valid Idaho teaching certificate.
  • Demonstrate appropriate dispositions for teaching by submitting two letters of recommendation; one from a school supervisor and one from a mentor teacher.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge by completing at least 20 credit hours in the endorsement subject area.
  • Demonstrate content knowledge by receiving a passing score on the Praxis Content Knowledge test for the specific endorsement.
  • Demonstrate pedagogical competency through enrollment in two methods courses at NNU: EDUC7651 Teaching Methods in Secondary School (2-3 credits) and EDUC7XXX Teaching Content Methods in Secondary School (2-3 credits, subject specific)
  • Demonstrate teaching competency in the new endorsement area through successful observations by university supervisors certified in the Danielson Framework for Teaching. Enrollment in EDUC7685 (1-3 credits) is concurrent with observations. Number of observations varies based on background and performance.
After successfully completing the above requirements, candidates may be issued an Institutional Recommendation for the addition of a subject area endorsement.

Additional coursework may be required when adding a different grade level band certification.