Master Of Science In Counseling, Marriage, Couple, And Family Counseling (MCFC)

60 semester credits required. 

COUN6511. The Profession of Counseling (2) 
COUN6512. Ethical and Legal Issues (3) 
COUN6515. Multicultural Counseling and Societal Issues (3) 
COUN6531. The Learning Process and Lifespan Development (3) 
COUN6532. Theories of Counseling (3) 
COUN6533. Family Counseling Theories (2) 
COUN6534. Career Development (3) 
COUN6541. Pre-Practicum: Basic Counseling Skills (3) ** 
COUN6542. Group Counseling (3) 
COUN6551. Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychopathology (3) 
COUN6552. Addictions Counseling (2) 
COUN7529. Human Sexuality (1)
COUN7531. Meta-Theoretical Practices in MCFC (2)
COUN7532. MCFC Assessment and Evaluation (2)
COUN7533. Advanced Models and Interventions in MCFC (2)
COUN7534. Clinical Issues in MCFC (2)
COUN7535. Contemporary Directions in MCFC (1)
COUN7537. Research and Statistics (3)
COUN7538. Family Education Experience (1) 
COUN7553. Measurement and Assessment (3)  
COUN7561. Practicum in Counseling (3) **
COUN7571. Psychopharmacology (1)
​COUN7582. Introduction to Trauma and Crisis Counseling (1)
COUN7589. Internship in Counseling (1-8) (MCFC Setting, 8 credits required) ** 

** Includes clock hours in the field