Enrollment Status

Continuous Enrollment

Those students who have completed all course work but have not completed non-academic requirements must be continuously enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour of the student's choice. Similarly, those students who have completed all requirements except Internship field hours must enroll in an additional credit in Internship until the required hours have been completed.

Active Status

A student who has been admitted to the Counselor Education program and enrolled in at least one course in three consecutive semesters is considered to be on active status. Full time status for Counselor Education Department students is nine credit hours; six credits hours is the definition of full time status for Financial Aid.

Inactive Status

Admitted students who have not taken a graduate course for academic credit for three consecutive semesters will be moved to inactive status. Individuals on inactive status must reapply to the program. Department faculty may ask the individual to reapply and meet all of the admission requirements. This policy does not apply to students who are not enrolled due to disciplinary reasons.