Program Goals

In pursuit of the missions and values identified above, the School of Business Graduate Program has identified the following goal: To provide students a broad-based graduate-level curriculum relevant to the contemporary business environment.  The program seeks to augment the value added by program graduates in the business workplace, to enhance the employability of program graduates in the workplace, and to advance the competence of the business workforce. To this end, the program recognizes the following measurable objectives:
  1. Students shall be provided with information necessary to increase their knowledge across a range of important contemporary business subjects, including economics, accounting, finance, management, leadership, information science, operations and systems, global business environment, law, ethics, marketing and communication. With regard to such subjects, students shall demonstrate acceptable levels of academic excellence.
  2. Students will be exposed to skills relevant to the contemporary business environment, facilitating creative engagement in that environment, including teamwork and leadership, qualitative and quantitative analysis, written and oral communication, technology, cross-cultural environments, case studies and decision-making.
  3. Students shall be involved in activities which will increase their awareness of business issues fundamental to the formation of a business environment consistent with the University values of transformation, truth, community, and service, including business ethics, social responsibility, workplace respect, global business and cross-cultural environments, and legal compliance.