Nursing Degree Requirements

Nursing Courses Required - 27 Semester Credits 

NURS4100. Concepts of Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (4) 
NURS4111. Nursing as Servant Leadership (3) 
NURS4112. Systems Management in Nursing (3) 
NURS4113. Introduction to Evidence-based Practice/Nursing Research (4) 
NURS4114. Nursing of Diverse Communities and Populations (4) 
NURS4118. Nursing with Older Adults (3) 
NURS4121. History of Nursing (3) 
NURS4130. Transition to Professional Nursing (3)

Required for completion of BSN Degree: All courses are available online through NNU. 

• THEO2105. Introduction to Christian Theology (3) (NNU Course) 
• Residency requirement: A minimum of 24 credits from Northwest Nazarene University 
• RN to BSN Program students need a minimum of 124 credits to graduate 

NOTE: Additional general education credits may be required for students transferring credits from programs not listed on the "Transfer of Associate Degrees for the RN to BSN Program" page.