Transfer of Associate Degrees to MSN FNP Program

Admission of the associate-degree-prepared student to the MSN FNP program is through the RN to BSN program.  The applicant must complete the following prerequisites and required nursing baccalaureate content requirements or transfer equivalent courses to be considered for the MSN FNP Program.  

The associate degree RN has two options for admission to the MSN FNP program.

Option 1: 
Complete the RN-BSN program successfully in its entirety and graduate with a BSN degree, then apply for the MSN program of your choice.
Option 2: NOTE:  This option will not earn a BSN
Complete the following prerequisites and nursing baccalaureate content successfully (or transfer equivalent courses) before applying for the MSN FNP program (see MSN links below).  

Required prerequisites:

University Writing/Research (or equivalent) 

Required nursing baccalaureate content for a Master of Science in Nursing program: (may apply for the MSN during this semester): 

NURS4100. Concepts of Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (4)
NURS4113. Introduction to Evidence-based Practice and Nursing Research (4)
NURS4114. Nursing of Diverse Communities and Populations (4) and,
NURS4114CC.  Level 2 Intercultural Lab (0)

Online MSN Leadership and Education Program 
Online Family Nurse Practitioner Program   

Please note:  
Completion of the prerequisites and baccalaureate content listed above does not guarantee admission into the MSN FNP program.  You must first apply for the program after completion of the above courses.  The MSN FNP Director will review your file and grades and may invite you for an interview.