High School Student Application Process

Application materials needed for admission include but may not be limited to:

  1. A completed application 
  2. Completed parental consent form
  3. Lifestyle acknowledgement form
  4. A copy of a student’s most recent high school transcript to verify GPA 
  5. An official report for any credit that may have been achieved through testing (AP, CLEP, Dantes, etc.)
  6. An official transcript for any college credit (such as concurrent or dual enrollment credit)

Note: Prior to the conferral of any degree, an official high school transcript with the date of graduation must be submitted to the NNU Registrar’s Office.

Financial Considerations:

  1. A student must pay in full or make payment arrangements for NNU Online tuition prior to the first day of class. Payment is non-refundable unless the student is prohibited from enrolling in the course due to class size, etc.
  2. High school students are not eligible for federal financial aid or NNU institutional aid.  Outside scholarships may be applied toward NNU Online expenses.