Associate of Arts, Elementary Education

The State of Idaho requires a bachelor’s degree to receive teacher certification. The Associate of Arts degree in either Elementary or Secondary Education is an initial step toward earning educator credentials.

Requirements:  minimum of 63 overall credits

General Education Requirements: 46 credits

Proficiency requirements:

  • Sufficient Math, Reading, and Writing scores on the ACT, SAT, or Praxis CORE tests
  • Official documentation demonstrating passing scores on the Math, Reading, and Writing portions of ACT, SAT, or Praxis Core.  The required minimum scores are below.
 Reading Score 21 544 169
 Math Score 21 533 163
 Writing Score 7 6 165

Required General Education Courses

Courses listed in bold must be completed with a B- or better

Christian Formation - 9 credits

BIBL1105. Introduction to Biblical Studies (3) -  to be completed with a C- or better
THEO2105. Introduction to Christian Theology (3) -  to be completed with a C- or better
Approved Philosophy Elective (3)

Humanities - 15 credits 

HUMN1015. Cornerstone (3) -  To be completed with a C- or better in the first year of enrollment
ENGL3740W. Children's Literature (3)  
Art History or Music History Elective (3)
US History Elective (3)  
Non-US History Elective (3)  

Sciences - 16 credits

KINE1005. Fundamentals of Wellness (1)
Approved Kinesiology Activity Elective (1)  
BIOL1015. Introduction to Biology (3)  
BIOL1015L. Introduction to Biology Lab (1)  
GEOG1050. Introduction to Geography (3)
MATH2010. Fundamentals of Math Structures I (3)
PHYS1010. Introduction to Physical Science (3)  
PHYS1010L. Introduction to Physical Science Lab (1) 

Intellectual and Practical Skills - 6 credits

ENGL1035. University Writing and Research (3)  
COMM1210. Intro to Public Speaking (3)  -  to be completed with a C- or better
Cross-Cultural Requirement (CC) *Refer to CC lab in concentration requirements below.

Required Elective credits (to meet degree requirement of 63 credits minimum)

Concentration Requirements - 15 credits minimum

Courses listed in bold must be completed with a B- or better

MATH2020. Fundamentals of Math Structures II (3)  
EDUC1100. Introduction to Education (25 Hour Field Experience) (1)  
EDUC2250. Cultural Diversity (10 Hour Field Experience) (2) and EDUC2250CC Level 2 Intercultural Lab (0) *
     OR SOGY1015. Exploring Cultural Anthropology (3) and SOGY1015CC Level 2 Intercultural Lab (0) *
EDUC/PSYC2110. Educational Psychology (3)  
EDUC2555. Innovative Instruction (3)  
ENGL2120. English Grammar and Usage (2)  
EDUC2960. Introduction to Instructional Design (30 Hour Field Experience) (1)