Adult and Professional Program in Education

The Adult and Professional Program in Education offers multiple routes toward becoming an educator and obtaining certification. Candidates who would like to pursue an Associate of Arts (AA) Degree in Education may do so by participating in online courses.  If a candidate would like to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, he or she may obtain certification in elementary education while completing a bachelor's degree.  All elementary education BA  candidates will also complete a secondary or middle school endorsement area. If a candidate already has a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, he or she can pursue a Master's Degree in Education (M.Ed) with certification in either elementary education or secondary education.  All routes toward certification are provided in an accelerated delivery format. Information and requirements concerning the programs at the graduate (M.Ed)  level are found in the graduate section of the catalog.

Director:  Dr. LoriAnn Sanchez, Ph.D.

Faculty:   Jennifer Hill, Tracy Marshall, Shannon Panfilio-Padden, Whitney Ward