Sociology Course Description(s)

SOGY1015 Exploring Cultural Anthropology (3)

This course is designed to provide both a conceptual framework for and personal experience in identifying cultural differences and valuing/validating those differences in everyday life of adult students. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross Cultural Experience if taken with SOGY1015CC Level 2 Intercultural Lab.

SOGY1550 Introduction to Sociology (3)

An introduction to the sociological perspective and to basic theories and procedures for studying society, with an emphasis on understanding the fundamental nature of social relationships, structures, and processes.

SOGY4550 Social Psychology (3)

A study of the inter-relationships of individuals and their social environments, including the methods of investigation and some of the theories and findings of the field of social psychology. (See PSYC4512). Prerequisites: 3 credits in sociology or 3 credits in psychology.