Psychology Course Description(s)

PSYC1550 Introduction to Psychology (3)

A study of the basic principles of human behavior, giving attention to developmental patterns, motivation and adjustment, learning and memory processes, and individual differences in aptitude, personality, and mental health.

PSYC2100 Lifespan Development (3)

A study of growth and development of human beings from conception to death, with emphasis on the areas of cognitive processes, language development and social interactions. Prerequisites: PSYC1550

PSYC2110 Educational Psychology (3)

A study of the psychological implications involved in the teaching-learning situation with emphasis on those psychological principles applicable to children ages 6-12 and adolescents 13-18. A variety of learning and developmental theories based on research from the field of psychology are covered. (See EDUC2110) Prerequisites: EDUC1100, Sophomore classification, or instructor's permission

PSYC4112 Human Diversity (3)

This course examines the multifaceted levels of diversity in humanity and will review ways to approach diversity in a sensitive and appropriate manner. Topics to be covered include a history of human diversity, cultural diversity, age differences, gender issues, spirituality, sexuality, religious diversity, physical impairments, and how to be sensitive to issues of diversity as they pertain to working with people. Key human rights and understandings will be explored. Prerequisites: PSYC1550, SOGY1550, PSYC1550 or SOGY1550

PSYC4512 Social Psychology (3)

A study of the inter-relationships of individuals and their social environments, including the methods of investigation and some of the theories and findings of the field of social psychology. (See SOGY4550) Prerequisites: PSYC1550, 3 credits in sociology or 3 credits in psychology