Practical Theology Course Description(s)

PRTH2215 Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipleship (3)

A study of the theory and practice of spiritual formation and Christian discipleship. Attention will be given to the reflective discipline of one's own individual journey with God in personal spiritual development. Further attention will be given to the task of discipling others through mentoring and in small groups. This course also includes the completion of the California Psychological Inventory (CPI), which students will discuss in PRTH2215L. Fees: Additional fee required. Prerequisites: Program admission. Corequisites: PRTH2215L

PRTH2215L Personal Development Lab (0)

Students in this 8 week lab meet in person or online with a graduate counseling student for the interpretation of their California Psychological Inventory (CPI) results and a formative assessment of their personal development with respect to theological studies and vocational ministry. Grade of Pass/Fail.

PRTH2225 Worship Theory and Development (3)

A study of the principles of Christian worship. Attention will be given to the development of contextualized, theologically informed worship as well as the rites and sacraments of Christian worship. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH2405 Christian Missions (3)

An introduction to the study of Christian missions. Attention will be given to biblical and theological foundations, historical perspectives, and cultural dimensions of missions in a contemporary world setting. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross Cultural Experience if taken with PRTH2405CC - Level 2 Intercultural Lab. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH3105 Pastoral Theology (3)

A survey of pastoral care, ministerial leadership and theology in the context of parish ministry. This course explores the pastoral office by focusing on who ministers are and what they do. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH3715 Preaching (3)

A study of the preparation and delivery of sermons within the context of worship, including practice preaching. Prerequisites: COMM1210, BIBL3155, Program admission.

PRTH3755 Compassionate Ministries (3)

A study of the theology of social holiness as expressed in a life of compassionate stewardship. The course will explore current literature and programs being developed by evangelical churches focusing on compassionate ministries. Special attention will be given to urban compassionate ministry centers being developed by the Church of the Nazarene. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross Cultural Experience if taken with PRTH3755CC Level 2 Intercultural Lab. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH4715 Missional Growth and Health (3)

An extended study of the church's mission and development with special emphasis on church health and growth. Attention will be given to the skills of observation of church and community, both historical and contemporary. Students will describe the socialization and dynamics of the church to culture, and develop skills for effective ministry. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH4765 Communicating the Gospel (3)

An advanced study utilizing visual elements in teaching and preaching. Attention is given to the use of visual metaphors in biblical communication. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH4825 Pastoral Leadership (3)

A study of leadership and administration in Christian ministries. Areas to be discussed will include spiritual gifts, selecting, organizing, and maintaining a church staff, conflict management and professional ethics. Fees: Additional fee required. Prerequisites: Program admission.

PRTH4965 Internship in Christian Ministry (3)

A practical course, open only to persons with senior status in the Christian Ministry major, involving ministry experience in areas including preaching, counseling, teaching, education, evangelism, administration and missions. This experience will be under the direction of the instructor in cooperation with the supervising ministry mentor. Prerequisites: Program admission.