Nursing Course Description(s)

NURS4100 Concepts of Leadership and Management in Professional Nursing (4)

Explore concepts of leadership and management applied within professional nursing practice. Nursing and healthcare trends within the context of regional, national and international arenas will be explored. Principles of adult education, technology in learning and scholarly writing are included. The University values will be introduced. Clinical component included. Fulfills a nursing baccalaureate content requirement for MSN Programs. Fees: Additional fee required. Prerequisites: Program admission.

NURS4111 Nursing as Servant Leadership (3)

The course addresses the distinction of NNU as a Christian University with emphasis on spiritual care and servant leadership. This course challenges the BSN student to understand and appreciate human diversity as a basis for providing culturally competent healthcare. This course meets the University requirement for upper-division Theology. Prerequisites: NURS4100, THEO2105

NURS4112 Systems Management in Nursing (3)

Focuses on the role of the bachelor's-prepared nurse within the micro and macro systems of healthcare organizations. The role of mission, vision, philosophy and values in relation to structure, finance and delivery of care in healthcare organizations will be examined. Change theory and complexity science will be discussed in relation to patient and employee safety principles. Technology use in health care, safeguards for nursing practice, ethics, and ways to provide protection of confidentiality and privacy of patients will be reviewed along with regulatory requirements. Quality assessment (QA), quality improvement (QI) and root cause analysis will be explored. Prerequisites: NURS4100

NURS4113 Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research (4)

Students acquire an understanding of the research process and evidence-based practice. Students will be guided in applying and incorporating research into evidence-based nursing practice. Human subjects’ protection training is required. Fulfills a nursing baccalaureate content requirement for MSN Programs. Prerequisites: University Writing and Research, and Statistics (or equivalent transfer courses). Corequisites: NURS4100

NURS4114 Nursing of Diverse Communities and Populations (4)

A study of nursing in health promotion, health protection, and health maintenance for communities and populations. A major emphasis will be the collaborative role of nursing in management of community health care needs. Environmental influences upon the health of groups will be a focus. Clinical component required. Fulfills a nursing baccalaureate content requirement for MSN programs. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross Cultural Experience if taken with NURS4114CC Intercultural Lab 2. Fees: Additional fee required. Corequisites: NURS4100

NURS4118 Nursing of Older Adults (3)

Focuses on current issues in promoting longevity and healthy aging within the family. Current bio-psychosocial and developmental theories on aging are explored. The multidisciplinary needs of older adults, including developmental and relationship challenges are addressed. End-of-life and palliative care will be emphasized. Meeting the physical, developmental, cultural and spiritual needs of older adults will be integrated. This course meets the GE outcome for humanities.

NURS4121 History of Nursing (3)

A historical overview of the nursing profession in the context of the United States. Particular attention will be paid to nursing as a social practice, examining the importance of cultural context and knowledge of human diversity for successful practice. Sound principles of historical investigation and source criticism will be applied. This course meets GE outcomes for humanities.

NURS4130 Transition to Professional Nursing (3)

Focus on the transition from the associate’s nursing role to the bachelor's nursing role. The historical, ethical and legal foundations of nursing will be explored. Incorporates student reflection on educational and professional development in relation to each of the core values of Northwest Nazarene University. Fulfills GE requirement for Capstone. Fees: Additional fee required. Prerequisites: NURS4113, NURS4114, NURS4118, NURS4121, NURS4100, Program admission. Corequisites: NURS4111, NURS4112