Christian Education Course Description(s)

CHED1815 Introduction to Christian Discipleship (3)

An introduction to the history and philosophy of the educational work of the church. The various programs of Christian education will be introduced. Prerequisites: Program admission.

CHED2225 Instructional Bible Study (3)

A course that will examine and apply appropriate methods and strategies for teaching the Bible in various ministry contexts. Opportunity is given to develop personal skills in teaching and leading small group Bible studies. Prerequisites: Program admission.

CHED3815 Children's Ministries (3)

A study of the characteristics of children; an introduction to their spiritual needs and their development; the challenge of the church in meeting their total needs. Prerequisites: Program admission.

CHED3825 Youth Ministries (3)

A study of those activities related to the church which involve youth. The course is particularly designed to aid those who are specializing in a ministry to youth. Prerequisites: Program admission.

CHED3845 Family Ministries (3)

An extended exploration of the principles and practices of education ministry to families. The course will focus on the changing definition of family and the exploration of current strategies of ministry to the church as family. Attention will be given to fostering spiritual growth in families. Prerequisites: Program admission.