Business Course Description(s)

BSNS2175 Computer Applications in Business (3)

Key computer applications used in the business environment today will be covered. Topics covered include word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, electronic communications, and the web. In addition to understanding the individual computer applications, students will observe how the applications fit within the organizational information system structure.

BSNS2225 Business Communication (3)

The course compares and contrasts business communications to other communication models. Both oral and written business communication topics will be covered. Attention will be given to communication through electronic business channels.

BSNS2330 Business Statistics (3)

An introductory course to statistical theory and applications for decision-making purposes in business. Topics include the role and use of statistics, tables and graphs, data analysis, probability distributions, descriptive measures, and statistical inference, including sampling, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, analysis of variance, quality control, and regression analysis. Fulfills the General Education Mathematics Competency requirement. Prerequisites: ACT Math score of 21, SAT Math score of 570, Accuplacer Algebra score of 74, Accuplacer QRAS score of 250, MATH0900 Essential Mathematics, or instructor's approval.

BSNS3005 Business Orientation (0)

An online orientation to be completed prior to the start of course work which outlines the Business program and expectations. This course will familiarize participants with technology, policies, campus services, resources and course management software. Course work will include completion of an entrance exam and submission of several short assignments. Grade of pass/fail.

BSNS3015 Personal Finance and Stewardship (3)

A study and application of planning and organizing personal finances. The class will also discuss how students manage and address the challenges of becoming good stewards of their gifts, talents, time and resources. Topics covered include education and experience, earning and spending, savings and debt, giving and tithing, taxes and insurance, and social responsiveness. (See ECON3015)

BSNS3035 Management Information Systems (3)

The course considers management information systems from the manager's viewpoint as well as that of the accountant and data processing professional. Topics include introductory concepts, hardware and software resources, common areas of application, and planning and developing management information systems. The areas of application include financial information systems, information systems for marketing production, personnel, and managerial decision models, and general office information systems. Corequisites: BSNS2175

BSNS3415 Business Law I (3)

Study of the present day law of business in the United States as it relates to contracts, sales, agency, the legal environment, and selected topics. Ethical considerations and international topics are also discussed.

BSNS3425 Business Law II (3)

Study of the present day law of business in the United States as it relates to corporations, agencies, and negotiable instruments. Emphasis is also given to legal principles as they apply to partnerships, corporations, and non-corporate associations. Ethical considerations and international topics are also discussed. Corequisites: BSNS3415

BSNS3515 Principles of Marketing (3)

Study of marketing from the point of view of the business firm. Topics include the structure of the marketing system, the nature of marketing management, consumer behavior, marketing research, product policy, pricing policy, channels of distribution policy, promotion policy, and analytical techniques useful to marketing management.

BSNS3594 Special Topics in Business (1-3)

This course is designed to address specific business topics as designated by the instructor of record and approved by the department chair or dean.

BSNS3645 Principles of Management (3)

Study of the functions and principles of management with emphasis on relationships between workers and management as well as between individual employees. Topics cover the areas of planning, organizing, directing and controlling personnel, and decision-making procedures and techniques.

BSNS3655 Human Resource Management (3)

Strategic issues in managing human resources, developing and implementing human resource policies and procedures, human resource planning, job design, analysis and evaluation, staffing, compensation, performance appraisal, training and development, career management, labor relations, and legal, ethical and global human resource issues. Prerequisites: BSNS3645, or instructor's approval

BSNS3715 Principles of Finance (3)

Introduction to financial management, including financial statement analysis, valuation of cash flows, capital budgeting, the time value of money, the concepts of risk and return, cost of capital, and applications of these concepts in the firm. Prerequisites: ACCT2065, ECON2415, BSNS2330 or MATH2240, or instructor's approval

BSNS3815 Business Ethics (3)

This course covers the ethical aspects from a Christian perspective of management decision making which pose fundamental questions about executive decisions and the human impact of corporate power.

BSNS3955 Field Experience in Business (1-3)

Designed to provide an introductory experience as a leader in various business settings. Consists of involvement in various community projects, both as an observer and as a participant. The component includes 30-40 hours per credit when completed. May be repeated for credit in a different setting. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval

BSNS4605 Global Business Strategies (3)

The course will cover the structure of global operations, methods of entering international markets, cultural impact on business practices, legal and ethical impact on multi-international business, human resource management in international firms, and international movement of business factors. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross Cultural Experience if taken with BSNS4605CC Level 2 Intercultural Lab. Prerequisites: BSNS3645, or instructor's approval

BSNS4675 Organizational Behavior (3)

A study of the effects of organizational structure and style on morale, productivity, and efficiency. Prerequisites: BSNS3645, or instructor's approval

BSNS4695 Global Operations Management (3)

The course will cover the structure of global operations, and apply quantitative tools needed to make effective decisions. The interaction of operations within the organization will be studied.

BSNS4985 Senior Seminar in Business Capstone (3)

Applications seminar requiring students to utilize various business concepts. The main emphasis of the course will be on entrepreneurial research projects, but additional topics of current interest in business will be covered. Prerequisites: Accounting or business majors with senior classification, or instructor's approval, Program admission. Corequisites: BSNS3515