Biblical Studies Course Description(s)

BIBL1105 Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)

An introduction to the serious study of the Bible in its historical, cultural, and literary context. The course emphasizes the essential content, structure, and theological message of the books of the Bible. Students are introduced to the practice of biblical exegesis and to the geography and archaeology of the lands of the Bible. This course is designed for general students.

BIBL3155 Biblical Interpretation (3)

A study of the history, methods, and principles of biblical interpretation. Students will develop skills in interpreting different genre in both the Old and New Testament. Other topics include the authority of the Bible as the Church's Scriptures and the relationship between the Testaments. Prerequisites: BIBL1105, Program admission.

BIBL3260 Life and Teachings of Jesus (3)

A study of the life and ministry of Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels with special attention to background, exegesis and theological interpretation. Personal and social implications leading to spiritual formation and social responsiveness will be emphasized. This course is designed for general students. Prerequisites: BIBL1105, THEO2105

BIBL4445 Old Testament Studies (3)

An exegetical study of a selected corpus of Old Testament literature. The course will include an overview of the historical period within which these materials arose and specific attention to interpretive issues with regard to these materials. Prerequisites: BIBL1105, THEO2105, BIBL3155, Program admission.