Bachelor of Arts, Christian Ministry Online

Objective: The Christian Ministries Online program is designed to provide non-traditional students the opportunity to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree online. This degree program is also designed to meet the educational requirements (Course of Study) for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. 

Requirements: 53 credits in Christian Ministry and 27 foundational credits, most of which also meet general education requirements.

Core Courses:
BIBL3155. Biblical Interpretation (3)
BIBL4445. Old Testament Studies (3)
CHED1815. Introduction to Christian Discipleship (3)
CHIS2415. History and Manual, Church of the Nazarene (3)
CHIS3615. History of the Christian Tradition I (3)
CHIS3625. History of the Christian Tradition II (3)
HUMN1050. Introduction to Online Learning (1)
PRTH2215. Spiritual Formation and Christian Discipleship (3)
PRTH2215L. Personal Development Lab (0)
PRTH2225. Worship Theory and Development (3)
PRTH2405. Introduction to Christian Missions (3)
PRTH2405CC. Level 2 Intercultural  Lab (0)
PRTH3105. Pastoral Theology (3)
PRTH3715. Preaching (3)
PRTH4715. Missional Growth and Health (3)
PRTH4825. Pastoral Leadership (3)
PRTH4965. Internship in Christian Ministry (3)
THEO4245. Theology of Holiness (3)
THEO4535. Christian Theology I (3)
THEO4545. Christian Theology II (3)
THEO4905. Senior Capstone in Ministry (1)

Foundational Courses: These courses from the general education offerings are required as foundational to the major.
BIBL1105. Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)
BIBL3260. Life and Teachings of Jesus (3)
COMM1210. Introduction to Public Speaking (3)
ENGL1035. University Writing and Research (3)
ENGL3015. Topics in Writing and Literature (3) or any ENGL course with a W designation (3)
HUMN1015. Cornerstone (3)
PHIL2020. Ethics (3)
PSYC1550. Introduction to Psychology (3)
THEO2105. Introduction to Christian Theology (3)

Elective Courses (as needed):
CHED2225. Instructional Bible Study (3)
CHED3815. Children's Ministries (3)
CHED3825. Youth Ministries (3)
CHED3845. Family Ministries (3)
PRTH3755. Compassionate Ministries (3)
PRTH4765. Communicating the Gospel (3)