Associate of Arts, Business

Requirements - 63 overall credits
General Education Requirements - 45 credits

Christian Formation - 9 credits
BIBL1105. Introduction to Biblical Studies (3)
    To be completed with a C- or better
THEO2105. Introduction to Christian Theology (3)
    To be completed with a C- or better
Approved Philosophy Elective (3)

Humanities - 9 credits
HUMN1015. Cornerstone (3)
    To be completed with a C- or better in the first year of enrollment
Approved Art History or Music History Elective (3)
Approved US History Elective (3)

Sciences - 18 credits
KINE1005. Fundamentals of Wellness (1)
SOGY1015. Exploring Cultural Anthropology (3) and,
    SOGY1015CC. Intercultural Lab - Level 2 (0)  *Refer to Cross Cultural requirement below
Approved Kinesiology Activity Elective (1)
Approved Natural Science Elective (3)
Approved Natural Science Lab Elective (1)
ECON2415. Principles of Microeconomics (3)
ECON2425. Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
BSNS2330. Business Statistics (3) or,
     MATH2240. Elementary Statistics (3)

Intellectual and Practical Skills - 9 credits
ENGL1035. University Writing and Research (3)
    To be completed with a C- or better
ENGL2410W. Major Literature of the Western World (3) or
         ENGL3740W Children's Literature (3)
      To be completed with a C- or better (3)
COMM1210. Intro to Public Speaking (3)
    To be completed with a C- or better
Math Proficiency: ACT of 21 or higher, SAT of 570 or higher, ACCUPLACER Algebra score of 74 or higher, or ACCUPLACER QRAS score of 250 or higher, or equivalent test
Cross Cultural Requirement (CC) *Refer to CC lab in Social Science requirement above

Concentration Requirements - 18 credits To be completed with a C- or better
ACCT2065. Financial Accounting (3)
ACCT2075. Managerial Accounting (3)
BSNS2175. Computer Applications in Business (3)
BSNS2225. Business Communications (3)
BSNS3415. Business Law I (3)
ECON1010. Personal Finance (3)