Religious Studies Course Description(s)

REST3094 Topics in Religious Studies (1-3)

An examination of some phase of religious studies not covered in other courses. May be repeated for credit.

REST3610 Exploring World Religious Traditions (3)

A historical and theological exploration of the dominant Eastern (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism) and Western (Islam, Judaism, Christianity) World Religions. Special attention is given to student participation in religious [removed]field trips). Prerequisites: BIBL1100, THEO2100

REST4400 Ancient Near Eastern History and Culture (2)

A study of the history, culture, art and religion of the ancient Near East. Attention will focus on the major civilizations of the period 7000-300 BC. Israel's interrelations with these civilizations will be touched on briefly. Major archaeological contributions will be discussed. Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: BIBL1100, THEO2100

REST4600 Noncanonical Writings and New Testament Interpretation (2)

A reading seminar utilizing primary, noncanonical, religious, theological and historical writings of the Hellenistic age. Representative Jewish, Christian and pagan cognate literature relevant for the interpretation of the New Testament will be surveyed. Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: BIBL3120