Military Science Course Description(s)

MILS1010 Introduction to Military Science and Leadership (1)

An introduction to ROTC, military customs and traditions, benefits of Army Service and basic military skills. Laboratory consists of participation in leadership exercises, introduction to land navigation, adventure training, rifle marksmanship, and basic First Aid.

MILS1020 Foundations of Leadership (1)

A continuation of Introduction to Military Science and Leadership. Prerequisites: MILS1010

MILS2010 Innovative Team Leadership (2)

An overview of Military Leadership which prepares students for ROTC advanced courses. Classroom and laboratory instruction includes: leadership, land navigation, adventure training, oral and written communications, responsibilities of Army officers, and other general military subjects. Course is designed to aid future leaders in acquiring effective skills for influencing others, with particular reference to positions of military leadership.

MILS2020 Military Leadership (2)

A continuation of learning leadership skills with continuing emphasis on professional development through land navigation, first aid, marksmanship, and other military skills. Laboratory consists of progressive participation in leadership exercises, adventure training, and tactical operations.

MILS2500 Military Style Fitness (1)

A practical application of military style fitness adapted for any students who wish to improve their overall fitness level. Emphasis is on cardiovascular and upper body development.May be repeated for up to 12 credits.

MILS2900 Military Science Practicum (6)

A field based introduction to military subjects such as land navigation, map reading, marksmanship, and leadership. Practicum is a four-week Leadership Training course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. The course fulfills MILS1010, 2010, 2020, and ROTC program requirements. Students may also earn a two-year scholarship while completing this course. The NNU Army ROTC advisor determines enrollment eligibility.

MILS3010 Adaptive Team Leadership (3)

A study of basic Army tactics and leadership skills required to increase poise and confidence for military trainers and leaders. Students learn the techniques of effective counseling, training, and leadership in a military environment. Laboratory consists of progressive participation in advanced leadership exercise and practical application of basic tactics and leadership skills. Prerequisites: MILS1010, MILS1020, MILS2010, MILS2020, MILS2900

MILS3020 Leadership in Changing Environments (3)

A continuation of MILS3010. Refines the fundamentals of small unit combat operations and basic leadership skills. Prepares students for success in MILS3900m the Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington. Laboratory consists of practical application of the basic soldier and leader skills studied in class including conceptualizing, decision making, communication, planning, executing, and assessing in a tactical environment. Prerequisites: MILS3010

MILS3900 Leadership Practicum in a Culturally Diverse Environment (6)

A field based course which provides students with the opportunity to apply the leadership and soldier skills they have learned on campus. Students will work with and provide leadership to culturally diverse groups of people. The course is completed at the thirty day Army ROTC Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Joint Base Lewis McChord located near Tacoma, Washington. Note: This course is required for all contracted students and is usually completed during the summer between junior and senior years. Fulfills a General Education Level II Cross-Cultural Experience if taken with CLST1002 Intercultural Lab. Prerequisites: MILS3010

MILS4010 Developing Adaptive Leaders (3)

An investigation of ethics and human relations, counseling techniques, military service in today's society, obligations and responsibilities of an officer on active duty, and coordination and operation of the military team. Students evaluate leadership potential of lower classmen and are responsible for planning and executing laboratory training. Prepares the prospective Army Officer for initial Army Assignment.