Communication Studies Course Description(s)

COMM1010 Introduction to Communication (3)

An introduction to the foundations of the field of communication and the communication process. Topics will include communication theories, areas of communication, and how communication affects society and research in the field.

COMM1210 Introduction to Public Speaking (3)

An introduction to verbal communication in groups, listening, and public speaking. Emphasis will be placed on speaking, delivery issues, speech construction, audience connection, and the communication process.

COMM1260 Introduction to Video (1)

A basic approach to video production for Mass Communication majors and other students interested in basic video production. Emphasis is placed on telling a story through the visual media and includes introductions to composition, camera movement, audio, lighting, and editing.

COMM1310 Oral Interpretation (3)

This course is an introduction to the intellectual, emotional, and aesthetic aspects of literature. Emphasis is placed on analysis and presentation of literature as it communicates to the listener. Performances include prose, poetry, and drama. Offered: Alternate years.

COMM2010 Small Group Communication (3)

An approach to small group communication theory with emphasis on identifying and developing appropriate communication strategies for various group situations. Offered: Alternate years.

COMM2020 Media Systems and Literacy (3)

Study of the history, structures, technologies, genres, theories and influences of the mass media on individuals and society. Designed to prepare students to be media literate, critical, and responsible producers and consumers of the mass media.

COMM2030 Interpersonal Communication (3)

An introduction to interpersonal communication theories, research and practice. Focus is on influences and effects of interpersonal relationships and ways to improve communication. Satisfies a General Education Social Science requirement.

COMM2050 History of Film and Television (3)

A survey of the development of technology, programming and business of both motion pictures and television. Includes a study of the major personalities, scandals and events which shaped both industries. Offered: Alternate years

COMM2094 Topics in Communication Studies (1-3)

A concentrated study of one topic in communication studies. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval

COMM2120 Communication Activities (1-2)

Opportunities for Communication and Mass Communication majors as well as non-majors to prepare for and participate in a variety of communication activities approved by the department. May be repeated for credit.

COMM2250 Introduction to Scriptwriting (3)

A survey of the process, forms, and techniques for writing scripts in non-fiction applications. This includes advertising, news, documentary, corporate training and promotion. Course includes lecture, scriptwriting exercises, labs, and analysis and critique of student work.

COMM2260 Intermediate Video Production (3)

Study of the roles and processes in studio and remote video production. Includes the technical and creative aspects of producing, directing, camera, lighting, sound, editing, graphics, and basic engineering for television. Course includes traditional lecture, lab exercises, CD-ROM instruction, and individual and group video projects.

COMM2280 Audio For Film and Television (3)

A lab course involving student production of voice, music, and sound effects projects. Includes a study of microphone selection and placement, signal processing and shaping, and field and studio recording as they specifically relate to film and television production and post production. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval

COMM2420 Introduction to Public Relations (3)

An introduction to the theory, research, and practical aspects of public relations. Emphasis will be placed on the process of public information dissemination in business, industrial, educational and social organizations. Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval

COMM2950 Internship in Communication Studies (1-3)

The student may select a supervised professional internship - with 50 clock hours per credit required. This activity concludes with a formal written and oral presentation. Prerequisites: Courses basic to the area of the internship as approved by the advisor. May be repeated for credit upon approval by the advisor.

COMM3010 Producing Film and Television (3)

A survey of the many roles and responsibilities of the television and motion picture producer. Students will follow the development of a major film and television project from inception to release, learn to analyze and predict the shifting moods of the industries, and develop the practical skills of a producer. Fees: Additional fee required. Prerequisites: COMM2260

COMM3020 Organizational Communication (3)

The study of the nature and function of communication within the organization. Emphasis will be on group process, networks, discussion, decision making, message creation and organizational climate and culture.

COMM3030 Film Theory and Criticism (3)

Survey of narrative and documentary motion pictures, from Edison and Lumiere to the present. Course covers the structural and aesthetic trends of motion pictures through the viewing and analysis of selected classic films that exemplify these trends. Offered: Alternate years.

COMM3050 Nonverbal Communication (3)

Study of the types and effects of nonverbal communication in our lives including: touch, space, physical appearance, movement, facial expression, vocalics, and artifacts. Emphasis will be placed on nonverbal theories and research on nonverbal communication in interpersonal interaction. Prerequisites: COMM2030

COMM3094 Topics in Communication Studies (1-3)

A concentrated study of one topic in communication studies. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval

COMM3120 Advanced Communication Activities (1-2)

Advanced opportunities or leadership roles for Communication and Mass Communication majors as well as non-majors in a variety of communication activities approved by the department. May be repeated for credit.

COMM3210 Advanced Public Speaking (3)

A course designed to enable students to improve their public speaking techniques. Emphasis will be placed both on theory and skill development. Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: COMM1210

COMM3250 Advanced Screenwriting (3)

An advanced seminar approach to screenwriting, covering writing for narrative and documentary TV/film. Students write scripts for documentaries and teleplays/screenplays. Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: COMM2250, or instructor's approval.

COMM3260 Advanced Television Production (3)

Advanced techniques and concepts of both single and multi-camera television production using the mediums of standard and hi-def video. Includes technical and engineering issues, commercial and program development, and advanced techniques in lighting, composition, audio recording, camera movement and post-production. Prerequisites: COMM2260, or instructor's approval.

COMM3280 Communication Law and Ethics (3)

Survey of communication law and ethics and the relevance to concerns of consumers and producers of communication events. Students learn the nature and value of making an argument, the foundations of U.S. law as it relates to communication, and the makeup and procedures of the court system, all within a Christianity-based ethical context. Students accomplish this through extensive case studies and competitive exercises. Offered: Alternate years

COMM3290 Intermediate Post-Production (3)

A lab course designed to familiarize the student with the advanced tools and techniques of the industry standard non-linear editing suites. Includes an introduction to editing theory and the most popular third-party software packages for graphic design, image manipulation, and 3-D animation. Prerequisites: COMM3260

COMM3420 Persuasion (3)

A practical approach to the study of psychological and rhetorical principles vital to influencing human behavior. Topics include major social science theoretical perspectives, expertise, trustworthiness, likability, use of emotions, and sequencing of messages. Offered: Alternate years.

COMM3500 Argumentation and Debate (3)

Theory and practice of argumentation and debate. Research, analysis, reasoning, evidence, preparation of briefs, organization, and delivery. Intercollegiate tournament participation encouraged but not required. Offered: Alternate years.

COMM3600 Broadcast Communication (3)

A skills-based class designed to help the student learn and perfect the skills required for communicating through the broadcast media. Emphasis will be placed on diction, presentation, poise, and organization in press conferences, reporting, and news room situations. Offered: Alternate years. Prerequisites: COMM2250

COMM3650 Teaching Communication Studies in Secondary Schools (2)

Strategies appropriate to this subject field. Includes instructional materials and tools and curricular structure common to the subject in the secondary school. Includes opportunities for students to assist and teach a minimum of 20 hours. (See EDUC3650) Prerequisites: Junior classification., Program admission required. Corequisites: EDUC3750, EDUC3510

COMM4094 Topics in Communication Studies (1-3)

A concentrated study of one topic in communication studies. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: Instructor's approval

COMM4250 Cinematography (3)

An introduction to the art and responsibilities of the Director of Photography. Students learn to interpret the story of the script through accomplished visual images on film. Topics include film emulsions, exposure and latitude, advanced lighting techniques, film camera operation, color correction, the work and art of the Director of Photography. Prerequisites: COMM3260

COMM4260 Film and Television Directing (3)

Advanced techniques of film style television, documentary and feature film directing. Course includes script analysis, studio and location shooting, and interpretation of story through the direction of image making and actor performance. Students work together to direct a short feature or documentary on digital cinema. Prerequisites: COMM4250

COMM4420 Advanced Public Relations (3)

An in-depth study of the theory and practice of public relations in the U.S. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing and assessing case studies in public relations problems, and in designing and executing a professional public relations campaign. Students will engage in reading, critique, analysis, and design activities. Prerequisites: COMM2420, or instructor's approval.

COMM4440 Rhetorical Theory and Criticism (3)

Explores classical and modern perspectives of rhetoric. Includes a study of classical and modern rhetoricians and their contributions to the art of rhetoric. Offered: Alternate years.

COMM4610 Communication Research and Theory (3)

Study of communication theories and the influence of communication on individuals and society. This course includes a survey of selected topics, research designs and methods in communication, culminating in original student papers and/or group research projects.

COMM4950 Internship in Communication Studies (1-3)

Supervised internship or research in communication. A student may select: (1) a professional internship - with 50 clock hours per credit required; or, (2) a major research project. Either activity concludes with a formal written and oral presentation. May be repeated for credit upon approval by the advisor. Prerequisites: Courses basic to the area of the internship as approved by the advisor.

COMM4970 Senior Research Project (1)

A one-year capstone experience involving a research project, paper, and a major media production. Must be repeated for credit in the senior year. Required of all Mass Communication majors.

COMM4980 Seminar in Communication Studies (1)

A senior level course which both reviews the major theories and research methods and prepares the student for a future in professional communications. Includes a review of the student's senior project, resume building, interviewing techniques, and preparation for graduate school.